Update - April 10, 2013

Using rsync is much easier if you have that option. I have not seen a down side after doing the copy 5 days ago but after copying 8 repositories over to a new server all seems to be working great. Below is a method to use if rsync is not available.

The short answer

To clone your repository from one location to another the following steps can be used in your terminal prompt:

git clone --bare https://github.com/exampleuser/old-repo.git
# Make a bare clone of the repo

cd old-repo.git
$ git push --mirror https://newserver.com/exampleuser/new-repo.git
# Mirror-push to the new repo

cd ..
$ rm -rf old-repo.git
# Remove our temporary local repo

The long answer

Why do we use the –bare option? According to the help text, the –bare option does not put the administrative files in /.git it puts the admin files in the . In addition, there is also no checkout of HEAD after the clone is completed.

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