While editing multiple files in Vim, I have found the following commands to be helpful:

  1. e[dit] protocol://[email protected]/path
    1. Edit a file remotely by using FTP,SSH,WebDAV
    2. Password can be stored in your $HOME/.netrc file
  2. w[rite] protocol://[email protected]
    1. Write a file remotely by using SCP
  3. vsplit protocol://[email protected]/path
    1. Split the window vertically with the new file
  4. mksession filename
    1. Store the current session (open files, tabs) into "filename" to be retrieved later by :source
  5. source filename
    1. load the session from filename
  6. newtab
    1. create a new tab
  7. gt
    1. move to the next tab
  8. CTRL + W [h|j|k|l]
    1. move to another window
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