Have to start somewhere

Okay. It has been a long time now that I have needed to learn EMacs. So I have created a task for myself to learn one new thing about EMacs every day. So while this might be a repeating simple and stupid tasks, I have decided to log them down into a tag collection so that later on I can review them for enhancing and memory.

Currently I am using Carbon Emacs on my mac book pro. So far I have not used it much but in the past couple of days, I have been forcing myself to get out of my patterns and into something new. The tags I will be using to cover all of the things I learn on the way will be “lessons emacs”. Hopefully, I can keep all this in my head!

Day 1: Movements

By words

M-5 M-f

Just like in ViM, you can send numerics to commands. This is helpful for doing planned moves. One example is move by word where M-5 M-f will advance you 5 words with some attempt at identifying actual words. I tried to test this, but got mixed results.

M-- M-5 M-f

Moving backwards in with planned numeric value make use of the negative glyph character. By typing M-- (meta with a dash) followed by a M-2 and a command of M-f you will be moved back two words.

By line

C-p or C-2 C-p

Moving to the previous line by one or a planned value of lines.

C-n or C-2 C-n

Moving to the next line or by a planned value of lines.


Move to the beginning of the current line.


Move to the end of the current line.

Day 1: Deleting

By line

C-k or C-2 C-k

Delete an entire line or a series of lines from cursor going down to end of line.


Delete the entire line from beginning to end.

C-- C-2 C-S-backspace

Delete the previous two lines from where the cursor currently resides.

Day 1: Saving

C-x C-s

Save the current outstanding changes of the buffer to a file on disk.

Day 1: Windows

M-x kill-window

To close a window that the current cursor is on.

Day 1: Frames

C-x 1

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