I love GMail. I use it all the time. The layout is very simple and easy to use. For a while I liked using the different themes, but then I found out that Globex Designs Inc. made Google's Gmail Redesigned. I found that its best to update the themes after you update it to make sure you have the latest version of the theme. The colors and lines make gmail very easy to understand by doing a quick scan of the screen. Colors are used in key places to make the information be presented in a summary and at the same time be able to move your attention to a particular box for more study. For example, I look at my chat box: gmail-chat-list-with-theme I can scan very quickly to see how many green dots (friends) are online without really focusing on the names. If I am curious about who is signed on, I focus first on my name that is in yellow (that gives me a starting point) then I slowly move down the list to see who is online. Other things I enjoy about the theme is the icons for each of the mail boxs. They help me out by putting more emphasis on the action with the text. I suggest you try this theme out when you get a chance and have fun!!

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