Simple opensource software to balance checkbooks. I have used this in the past, but recently, I have been trying to use it for every day transactions. While reading a book, I came across some things I wanted to note down.

Tabs and such

I am trying to keep a couple of tabs open for some accounts and reports. By keeping a report open for my reconciled transactions, I hope it will help me answer questions of where money is going.


So far entry has been a pain, but I just came across some shortcuts that I want to capture.

Shortcut Action
+ to increment the date
- to decrement the date
] to increment the month
[ to decrement the month
m to enter the first date of the month
h to enter the last date of the month
y to enter the first date of the year
r to enter the last date of the year
t to enter todays date
  • switching tabs: Ctrl+Alt+PgUp/PgDn
  • enter to move to next transaction


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