iTerm and hex codes

When using iTerm, being able to configure

Getting the hex codes

To get a hex code on a Linux based system, you can do the following:

$ xxd -psd

This will put your terminal into a capture state. Now the program is waiting for you type in the characters for capture and hitting return. Below is an example on how to find a key combination for Tmux to goto the previous window which is the key combination of ctrl + b then p

Hiigara:~ aaddleman$ xxd -psg

To end the capturing, use ctrl + c.

The resulting hex codes that have been returned are 02700a and here is the breakdown on how to convert to hex codes:

Text from xxd Converted to Hex Keyboard buttons
02 0x02 ctrl + b
70 0x70 p
0a 0x0a Return

02 or 0x02 = ctrl + b

70 or 0x70 = p

0a or 0x0a = Return

Putting this all together (or partially together) in iTerm, you can create a custom key binding in iTerm to have a keyboard combination to switch between windows by sending a hex code of:

0x02 0x70
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