This is so cool! And I cant wait to go back to work and implement this! Another simple and elegant (okay, maybe not elegant) way to keep your charger on your desk and not have it fall off.

Reader LT writes in:

I hate climbing behind my desk to plug in my laptop to charge when I get back to my office, and I can't afford one of those new Mac displays that come with a laptop plug built in any time soon, either. But then I saw this trick using a binder clip to keep cords from slipping off the back of the desk. My MacBook's power cord has two parts—midway through it the brick plugs into another cord, and I never take the bottom half of the cord with me. So, using the clip, I secured the first half of the plug to the desk, and now I plug in the brick when I get to the office—no climbing required.

Gave this a try with my own MacBook, and it works like a charm, as you can see in the pictures. Thanks, LT! Check out our top 10 ways to get cords under control.

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