I like fullscreen anything. So tonight when I sat down to learn at least one new thing about vim, I came across lots of stuff, but I will only talk about the fullscreen one for now. To enter fullscreen, the vim people chose the best chars ever:

    :set fu

This will bring you into full screen mode!!! The characters “fu” as in kung fu are awesome. I’m not sure you are sharing the same excitement that I have, but I wanted to share =D

Now, I also found out that while this is great for vertical space, I was left with lots of horizontal space … booo. But wait!! Setting the option of:

    :set fuopt+=maxhorz

will make your fu go maximum on the horizontal plane.

All of these options are fantastic and I think they will be very happy in my .vimrc file. Incase anyone wondered what I added, here are the lines:

    set fuopt+=maxhorz                     " grow to maximum horizontal width on entering fullscreen mode
    macmenu &Edit.Find.Find\.\.\. key= " free up Command-F 
    map <d> :set invfu                     " toggle fullscreen mode
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