Here is a list of my favorite Trac-Hacks:

Trac Hacks
Hack Name Description
Advanced Ticket Workflow Extends the list of operations for the ticket workflow
Batch Motify Modify many tickets from a report
Flexible Assign To Custom list of contacts built from a python file
Ini Admin Graphical interface to the trac.ini file
Ticket Guidelines Include a wiki page at the top of the new ticket page for passing information to all users
Trac Custom Field Admin Interface for adding or removing custom fields to the ticket form
Trac Date Field jQuery based date picker with lots of options in the Ini Admin
Trac Drag Drop When using FireFox, dropping files onto the webpage displaying a ticket will process each file and have it attached to the ticket
Trac Keyword Suggest Automatic drop down of the keywords with option to have limits placed
Trac Private Tickets Extends the permissions module to limit users of viewing tickets
Trac Theme Engine Allows for using various themes or making your own
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