Buffers are the great thing in Emacs that allow the changing of data on your system of choice. We switch back and forth between multiple buffers all the time, and I have noticed that sometimes, the buffers disappear from the helm-mini. This has caused my great anguish as I would relaunch Spacemacs and all would be happy again. Until today. I set out to find a solution to his horrible situation.

The normal method for listing buffers is the command

SPC b b

then type in some matching characters and you can switch to the selected buffer.


I have yet to find out why the heml-mini is loosing the buffers. They are not actually lost, but rather just not being listed. I have found using the command SPC SPC and then executing the command display-buffer will show all of the buffers that Emacs has open. This seemed annoying to do. So I noticed another option in the buffers menu: presp-add-buffer. This solved the problem! When running this command, it brought the buffer to the perspective and now I can use SPC b b then type the letters of the buffer, and viola, buffer is displayed.

How (tl;dr)


buffer is missing


SPC b a and type the name of the buffer you need, then hit enter

SPC b b to see that the buffer has been added

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