I had to make a drawing to explain how SubVersion could work for development. This is the result of illustrating time going in a downward direction with various revisions by authors. At the time, I did not consider to approach the subject of how to deal with conflicts, but maybe that could be the 2nd version of my drawing. The three main lines that split off from the top are labeled as "branches", "trunk", and "tags", in their respected order. All development starts from the trunk. Each time you got a brand new idea about how to create the trunk or maybe want to try a new idea, you will be making a branch. Over time, some branches will be accepted as the much widly use word of "beta" or perhaps a "release" (but they are completely up to you). As the branches continue in their change of development, people might want to refer to certain groups of files or folders, which is where "tags" come into play. Creating tags is a nice way to refer to a release without having to type the entire name. Think of it as a nice short, nick name that you find easier to say around yer team :) Anyways, this is my take on how to use SubVersion in the smallest of amounts. Later, I might provide some more drawings, but for now, this is all I have.

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