I have started to use siege for some testing and found it to be useful for some things involving stress testing.

OS X suggestions

Upon installing siege with brew I noticed a suggestion:

Mac OS X has only 16K ports available that won’t be released until socket TIME_WAIT is passed. The default timeout for TIME_WAIT is 15 seconds. Consider reducing in case of available port bottleneck.

You can check whether this is a problem with netstat:

# sysctl net.inet.tcp.msl
net.inet.tcp.msl: 15000

# sudo sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.msl=1000
net.inet.tcp.msl: 15000 -> 1000

Run siege.config to create the ~/.siegerc config file.

I made this change to my Mac but so far I have not noticed much difference. After modifying the ~/.siegerc file, I came up with an ideal set of options. Here is my settings:

accept-encoding = gzip
benchmark = false
cache = true
chunked = true
concurrent = 15
connection = close
delay = 1
expire-session = true
fullurl = true
gmethod = HEAD
internet = true
logfile = ${HOME}/log/siege.log
logging = true
protocol = HTTP/1.1
quiet = false
show-logfile = true
spinner = true
verbose = true
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