Your looking at that spiraled phone cord that has all of those loops (or extra twists,.. not sure what to call them) and its just making your phone look really messy, and your thinking "there has got to be a way to get all of these out faster than just letting gravity do the trick". These loops are taking up valuable stretching lengths! Also, they start to grow in numbers each time they appear. Here is one of mine: So you might be asking "how do I fix these things!?" First, the legal clause part: I full admit that there is possibly a better way to do this, and I am not going to buy you a new phone cord if you ruin it. I have not ruined mine. My solution... which does involve unhooking only one side, without any "hanging", "gravity-will-fix-it", and its quick to complete :D Here is the basic outline:

  1. read all of the steps before starting your untangle
  2. refer to pictures for more information
  3. detach one side of the phone cord (best to start with end closest to the extra twist)
  4. take the jack and feed it in to all of its loops until you get to the extra twist
  5. now get firm hold of the jack side in one hand
  6. get firm hold of the extra loop in other hand
  7. pull until its flat

Here are some visual pictures for better explanation:

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