Using the tab button to access graphical user interface buttons (or gui) to make navigation faster

In Mac OS X some dialog boxes or web pages that have buttons or fields are presented at many times throughout the entire use of the system. I myself use OS X all day and in most cases, all night. Moving between these items with the TAB button has improved my productivity because the TAB button is so much closer than the mouse. But, this feature is not turned on by default. You might think, “It is turned on and I use it all the time! I don’t think you know what your talking about”. Well, if that’s is how you feel, but are still curious, check out the pic I shot from the Keyboard Preferences:

os x 10.5 keyboard preference pane

Take notice towards the bottom of the window where the following text of “Full keyboard access:” and the option of “All controls” is selected. This allows you to TAB around just about everything that is clickable by the mouse! I absolutely love this option and always forget about turning it on.

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