This plug-in is meant for a vim enthusiast who does not like to use the mouse. Every now and then I remember that I have this add on installed and I try to use it but then end up forgetting the features that are so helpful. At vimum homepage they list all of the commands that are usable but for my own sake, I have to have a cheatsheet that helps me out with scenarios:


By far this is the most powerful part of the add on. Browsing links with your keyboard.

f Brings up letters for every link on the current page. Type the letters and the link is clicked.

F Same as the lowercase but opens the link in a new tab.

When you want to open new new url, use the following:

o Will prompt for a new url to open.

O Will prompt for a new url to be opened in a new tab.


Everyone does this. Browse a link and then say “ack, thats not what I was looking for!” and hit the back button. Instead do this:

H Go backwards in history

L Go forwards in history


Here are the commands that are useful for moving back and forth between tabs.

K Go forwards one tab

J Go backwards one tab

t Make a new tab

x Close current tab

X Restore closed tab


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