These are my notes for using campaigns with WebTrends 8.0a. Overview When sending out emails, announcements about your content and you want to track the success and use of a link, your best bet is to use campaigns. Stuff to Know Some stuff to know when tracking links:
  1. the campaign name should be safe to use within a browser (eg. replace spaces with %20)
  2.[alpha-numeric or campaign name]
  3. If you want to edit the campaigns manuall: C:\Program Files\WebTrends\storage\config\wtm_wtx\datfiles\datasources
The campaigns file always should have:
  1. hard character returns (msdos)
  2. 1 blank line at the end
  3. always the same number of columns for every line
List of columns in the campaigns file
  1. CampaignID, identifcation number
  2. Description, what the entry is for
  3. Creative, name of method
  4. Creative Type, print/email/banner
  5. Demand Channel,
  6. Marketing Activity,
  7. Marketing Program,
  8. Offer,
  9. Partner,
  10. Placement

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