Organized bags and packs always gravitate my attention to see if the item will stand up to my needs while traveling. Over the years I have noticed that my style of traveling, two things need to change:

  1. the suitcase and backpack
  2. my computer

I have stubbled across some potential candidates for my travel gear change:

  1. Osprey Pack Meridian 28"/75L Wheeled Travel Pack
  2. Netbook PC to go inside the backpack

Waiting for some newer technology for the Netbooks is holding me back from buying one today. Once NVidia puts their mobile chip out to replace those silly Intel video chips, I think I will be ready to buy one. Since I have large hands, here are my choices:

  1. Acer InspireOne
  2. Asus Eee PC 1005HA

So far, I like the 11 in. Acer for its full size keyboard.

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