Editors. The one you know the best is the best one for you. Now that has been said or written, I will share with you my +/- of the editors I have used over the years.

I sugguest you build on the editor you choose and learn a new feature every day. This will make you much more effective at making changes to projects and working with your team.

  • Editorconfig

    Help sync up your team/contributors to a project with one file on some basic things like indent/tab-vs-spaces/encoding/line-endings.

  • Spacemacs

    Combination of Emacs and Vim. I have been using it for at least a couple of years and its helpful most of the time. Read about how I have configured Spacemacs and why I still use it almost daily.

  • Vim

    Simple. Effective. Everywhere. Here are some of the shortcuts I use to get around.

  • VSCode

    Quickly became a very strong editor. I tried it for a while and still advocate its usefulness.