I have used Vim for a really long time. Probably the first editor that made sense after using ex or ed. Sure there are many others but Vim has always been there for me when I was installing different Operating Systems. Yes, its totally possible I just made some visitors that come to this site really frustrated because they love Emacs. To you I will say:

The best editor is the one you are most comfortable with

This is my learnings for Vim and how I have used it over the years to help manage it better. Not a entry on how to use Vim itself. There are plenty of tutorials on how to learn and practive Vim.

Plugin Managers

Googling the best vim plugins resulted in finding the stackexchange article about what are the differeneces between vim plugin managers

I have usually gone for Pathogen but I have also tried a couple others. Your milage may vary. Just pick one instead of doing the work manually… unless you really want to work harder, in which case, ^5 to you.

I did try this project out, but they have catered more to Vim side of things and not the Emacs of things (for very obvious reasons). This has left me a little confused and having to learn lots of keys that are am not familiure with when coming from Spacemacs.

Still a great project and I know a couple of people who really enjoy it very much.