Doom, the editor that I love


Wow this just works so well. SPC TAB is the root menu for this great feature. From there you have a tons of options but really I have only used the following:

  1. SPC TAB BackTick - Flips between last workspace
  2. SPC TAB TAB - Shows the workspace bar for quick selection by number
  3. SPC TAB . - Switches to workspace by typing a name or letters matching the name

Python and testing

I have found that you need the following combination of settings to make sure that this all works:

Open your .doom.d/init.el file and add this:

(doom! )

Preparing a python version

First, select the version you want to use and get it installed:

pyenv install 3.9.14

Then you need to install the following packages to on a global scale to get it prepared:

pyenv global 3.9.14
pip install python-lsp-server
pip install flake8
pip install poetry
pip install pylint

Making a Python project

mkdir project_name
pyenv local 3.9.14
poetry init
# answer questions
# and then start coding!
# make sure to add pytest of at least version 1.2.0

Running things with poetry

Basic running of your code inside poetry is done with:

poetry shell


poetry run the_command --with-args


Add a project in Doom

SPC p a

then find the folder you want to add. Best that it be a git directory!

Closing a project

Reasons for closing a project are to re-evaluate the settings picked up by major or minor modes:

SPC p k

This will kill all the buffers under the project and hope you have everything saved.


Mass file changes

Below are the key commands in order to make mass edits across multiple files along with a description of what the key command is trying to do. Follow them in order and you can do a massive search and replace of text.

  • SPC s p Search across the project for the text pattern to be modified
  • C-; This implements a “right click” menu where you want to get options based on the search you are running
  • E Invokes the embark option to export the search for modification
  • C-c C-p This makes the buffer be able to be updated
  • Now you can make your edits all you want. I like to sometimes use :%s/pattern/replace/g or other times, I just made edits where I see the need to do so.
  • Z Z Save all the changes to every file updated.