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List of apps and how I use them


I really like my addons in the menu bar area (right side of toolbar at top of screen). Dozer helps cut down the amount of icons with a simple solution by using dots to define where the cut off is located. Additionaly, this app does not require recording the screen like other alternatives. Once you place your dots, you can click on them to toggle the display of minimal or full mode. So nice.

  1. Encryption
  2. Free private git repo
  3. File storage


Free software at doing an ok job to edit audio files. I was using audcity but this app really does a better job.


Arranging windows on the Mac can be frustrating. Divvy helps by allowing you to select the window size from a grid of boxes. My favorite feature of this is the global shortcuts that are available which allow you to move windows to a certain dimention and, if you hit the short cut twice, will cycle the window over multiple monitors. Here is my default setup:

KeyPercent of window
A50 % Left Side
S50 % Right Side
F100% Full
Z20% Left Side
X60% Middle
C20% Rigth Side


I have tried a good many editors (Vim, Intellij, Sublime, Dreamweaver, VScode, Ex, Atom, BBEdit, Eclipse, TextMate, Gedit, UltraEdit, KomodoEdit, NotePad++) and I have grown to really appreciate some vital requirements for my workflow of programming, and Spacemacs, which runs on top of Emacs, seems to deliver all of these:

Hands stay as much as possible on the home row

This is the biggest one for me because I want to limit the amount of movement for my hands and stay on the area for smashing out code. Spacemacs offers two modes: Evil or Control. The evil mode stands for Emacs vi layer and as you might have surmized this is the mode supporting Vi commands. Vi does a great job at keeping your hands at the home row. The Control mode is for people who like the traditional Emacs key bindings. I have yet to try this mode, so I dont really have much to add.

Syntax recognition

Emacs has many known languages and is constently growing with tons of support. Too many to list here, but it always seems to get newer languages before others.


The UI must be fast. Spacemacs definitly checks this requirement off the list. I think if I knew Lisp, I could automate many of my tasks. But I don’t and thats ok as Spacemacs is very fast out-the-box.


Another editor that I have been trying out for some time since I have install the extension of “VSpaceCode” which tries to implement most of the Spacemacs features on top of VSCode. Most of the time this extension is great and lets me stay on the home row. Other times this extension gets in the way and I have to find small little hacks that get the job done.

Over all, this editor is growing on me.


An organized todo list is a very much hit for a miss with me. Todoist has a pretty good interface and lets you caputre really fast. The UI seems to be at the ready all the time while also stepping aside to get capturing done fast. Some features I really enjoy are:

  • Creating repeat tasks in line (eg. make an entry of “Read book every 2 days” creats a repeating task for every 2 days)
  • Integration with many other services
  • Smart lists to filter upcomming tasks by label (or with their query language which is easy to pick up)
  • Sharing of lists or projects with other people


I dont like LastPass web gui, but the CLI goes into my category for a good utility. Very easy to use. Works on Mac/Linux with no issues. The interface is very simple and I use the --clip function to copy passwords all the time.

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