iTerm, Hex Codes, and Tmux

Get some power with iTerm sending hex codes for Tmux

iTerm and hex codes

When using iTerm, being able to configure it for sending commands to Tmux to take full control of the multiplexing windows. I find this super powerful as it gives me the power to have tabs and a persistant shell on a remote host. With some good configuration you can have a weak computer (aka raspberry pi) remoting into a powerful computer and issue commands.

Getting the hex codes

To get a hex code on a Linux based system, you can do the following:

xxd -psd

This will put your terminal into a capture state. Now the program is waiting for you type in the characters for capture and hitting return. Below is an example on how to find a key combination for Tmux to goto the previous window which is the key combination of ctrl + b then p

$ xxd -psg

To end the capturing, use ctrl + c.

The resulting hex codes that have been returned are 02700a and here is the breakdown on how to convert to hex codes:

Text from xxdConverted to HexKeyboard buttons
020x02ctrl + b

02 or 0x02 = ctrl + b

70 or 0x70 = p

0a or 0x0a = Return

Putting this all together (or partially together) in iTerm, you can create a custom key binding in iTerm to have a keyboard combination to switch between windows by sending a hex code of:

0x02 0x70

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