Home Assistant Setup

How I created my home assistant setup


Community Addons


# define where configuration.yml lives
export HAHOME=/root/config
cd $HAHOME/custom_components
git clone https://gitlab.com/gibwar/home-assistant-purpleair /tmp
mv /tmp/home-assistant-purpleair/custom_components/purpleair $HAHOME/custom_components/

Reload the HA and you should have a new integration which asks for a JSON url. Visit the purpleair map and locate the sensor you want to add. Find its JSON url and use it with the integration. This will provide you with 2 sensors:

  1. Air Quality Index (best with a gauge)
  2. Sensor Status


This is now standard with Home Assistant. To add is very simple:

  - platform: todoist
    API: <api key from todoist>
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