Libsh Npm Resolved; and a reload

Npm issue resolved

In my haste to fix this issue, I neglected to make a PR, but really, when its just one person working on a project… does it really matter? Maybe to some so I will try to improve, but NPM was not loading properly. I noticed this when trying to do CDKTF tutorial where the bin install was not being recognized. And with that, this change was commited:

Notice this change also brings in adding /usr/local/bin to your path. This seems very neccessary as this path is super popular.

But why would you want to use LIBSH for adding this path? Glad you asked. The function of libsh__add_path will check if the path exists or not in the variable of $PATH. If the path does not exist, then the path will be inserted at the beginning or the end of the $PATH variable based on the argument paseed.

This function can also be used by you other functions in $HOME/.sh.d/ making your work environment a little bit more clean.

Also included in this commit is a libsh__reload. I have tried this function out and it does an ok job at reloading configuration changes, but does have a couple of shortcomings and is not ideal for testing changes to LIBSH functions. Use at your own need.

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Aaron Addleman
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