Setting Your Proxy Server Variable in Emacs

Emacs setting your proxy settings

Running your Emacs behind a proxy server

(setq url-proxy-services
   '(("no_proxy" . "^\\(localhost\\|10.*\\)")
     ("http" . "")
     ("https" . "")))

(setq url-http-proxy-basic-auth-storage
    (list (list ""
                (cons "Input your LDAP UID !"
                      (base64-encode-string "LOGIN:PASSWORD")))))

Something else that people have shared over on reddit is the follwing which I have yet to try:

(setq url-proxy-services
      '(("http"     . "")
        ("https"    . "")
	    ("ftp"      . "")
	    ("no_proxy" . "^.*")))


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