Cdktf Trials with Python

Last time I tried using CDKTF with TypeScript. Now its time to repeat with Python.

Home Assistant Mqtt Installation

Installing of MQTT broker in Home Assistant and the configuration file I use(d). Not a really big deal.


Maintaining packages for Python projects can be annoying. I use to use pyenv+virtualenv, but the I learned about Pipenv and have never looked back.

Spacemacs Part 1

Using the Spacemacs Editor and my notes of what features I use

Setting Your Proxy Server Variable in Emacs

Very brief lisp code to define proxy settings in Emacs

Esp8266 Tempurature With Home Assistant

Logging and other signals with the Feather Huzzah which has the esp8266 and Home Assistant can bring more information for your metrics and signals. Follow along my insturctions for getting a tempurature sensor recording values.

Cdktf Trials with TypeScript

HashiCorp released an option of using CDKTF which promises to empower people to create infrastructure changes with a programming language. I followed a tutorial for TypeScript and write up my results about the discoveries I made along the way.

Vscode, 2nd chance

How I gave VSCode another go and I have not looked back.

Signing Git Commits With Gpg

Make your code changes with a gpg signature to let everyone know the change is from a digital key of your generating. This gets us all closer to the verified change of code by individuals and helps build confidence in submitting data.