Mass Edit

Recursive Search+Replace

  1. M-x find-name-dired RET
  2. Select the directory as your beginning point for recursive searching
  3. Enter in pattern for filenames to find
  4. Press t to toggle the files for updating
  5. Press Q for Query-Replace in Files...
  6. Enter in the text to search for
  7. Enter in the text to be used for replacing the text found
  8. Press buttons to accept replacement
    • y = yes replace it and move to next match
    • Y = yes to replacing all matches and no prompting
    • n = skipp and move to next match
    • ! = replace all matches
    • N = skip remaining matches
  9. Activate iBuffer with C-x C-b
  10. Mark all unsaved buffers with * u
  11. Use S to save all of them
  12. Close all buffers affected with:
    • * * RET to unmark all
    • D to close marked