Magnetic Reed Switch Esp8266

I wanted to detect when my freezer door opens or closes to get more data on when the tempurature drops. This also is an attempt at trying to create an alarm if the door is not closed all the way.

Home Assistant on RPi

Running an OpenSource app on Raspberry Pi to control all my homes signals and record its metrics.

Esp8266 Tempurature With Home Assistant

Logging and other signals with the Feather Huzzah which has the esp8266 and Home Assistant can bring more information for your metrics and signals. Follow along my insturctions for getting a tempurature sensor recording values.

Rpi Nas With Omv

Making a NAS has been an item on my todo list for a very long time. I decided to get this done for my Kubernetes cluster in order to buffer the resources required during a deployment.

Esp8266 1wire Statsd

Tracking my refrigerators tempurature was a fun way to get started. Now, I cant stop thinking or more importantly, buying, different small sensors to measure the world around me. I should start back in the beginning of how this all started.

Prometheus on K8 Rpi

How I run prometheus on K8 on Rpi

K8 on RPi

Wanted my own lab of K8 to experiment and find new depths of detail