Everyone seems to be using this editor lately and for really good reasons. After finding out that this editor has been demo’d in many presentations, I decided to take it for a spin and here are my notes:


  1. VSpaceCode tries to be like Spacemacs by blending multiple projects together
  2. Previewing PlantUML drawings
  3. If you are using Jira, the Jira plugin is amazing at
    1. Creating Git branches based on Jira stories
    2. Listing assigned stories based on filters


  1. If you get a plugin conflict, you will find out by your CPU fan going crazy
  2. Plugins do not respect each other; They just fight it out for who comes out on top
  3. Projects are broken up by a actual window (Spacemacs keeps projects all within reach)
  4. Issues with recognizing PyEnv/PipEnv/GoEnv
  5. Not able to use Ctrl + x + e